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[title] Printer test pages
[* black] Here are some test pages you can use to see if the clean worked
[* black] The first image is a 4 color test pattern you can use. This will probably be the most common one you will end up using.
[* black] For printers with a Black cartridge and a Photo Black, use the 5 color test image. (To properly test the Photo Black nozzle, you will need to print this in Photo mode so it uses this cartridge-if you do not print photos print the standard page)
+[* black] If your printer does not fit the criteria of pages I have made here, I made these in MS Paint. I have also attached my final images in the Documents section of this guide. You can make these in less then 5 minutes if your printer isn't a 4 or 5 color, and run yours off.