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[title] Test the printer
-[* icon_caution] ***''If any ink cartridge is low, replace it. All ink cartridges MUST have ink.''***
-[* icon_caution] ***''If your printer still has issues, the printhead may be bad. Try cleaning it with the built-in utility. New printheads cost ~$80 new.''***
+[* icon_caution] ***''All ink cartridges must have ink physically in the cartridge.''***
+[* icon_caution] ***''If your printer has issues, try the built-in cleaning utility. If the printhead is bad, a new one is ~$80.''***
[* icon_note] If you have a 5 color printer (K/PK/C/M/Y), use the Photo mode to test Photo Black.
[* black] After replacing the printhead, test the printer. Match the settings used before and check for improvement.