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[title] Testing (CMYK)
-[* black] Run a printhead cleaning to get through the printhed again, or it will have quality problems. Clean the head once and then run a normal page through the printer to test it. ***The ink levels will influence this test. If you have low ink cartridges, replace them. You need good ink for this test.***
-[* icon_note] This result is because of the use of a weak cyan cartridge. This will be stronger with a good set of cartridges. You also may have to print multiple prints of the test image to get it working right if the printer is being stubborn.
-[* black] Use [document|1310|this document] to test the printer.
+[* black] After replacing the printhead and running a printhead cleaning, print the same reference image and see how much the result improved. Do this multiple times if you have to, but try not to exceed 3 attempts.
+[* icon_note] If you still have quality issues, you may need to run another printhead cleaning to get more ink through the printhead.
+[* icon_caution] ***Important: Ink levels matter for this test. If your ink is low, it is recommended you replace the ink cartridge that is low, along with any ink that is not far off from running out of ink. The ink in this printer was low.***