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-[title] Preserving your printhead calibration
+[title] Preserve your printhead calibration
[* icon_caution] ***If the printer is plugged in while the printhead is removed, the calibration data may be erased.***
[* black] ***If you need clearer instructions, follow [guide|32772|this guide] for additional instructions.***
[* black] ***Important: Verify the printer is unplugged before doing anything.*** With the ink cartridges removed from the printer, remove the printhead.
[* red] With the printer is unplugged, remove the printhead. Lift the locking latch up and the printhead will be loose. Once it is loose, remove the printhead.
[* orange] ***Important: Touching the contacts or printhead nozzles may damage it.*** With the printhead unlocked, remove it. Lift the printhead up as shown.
[* yellow] Leave the scanner lid so you know the printhead is removed.