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[title] Getting hot water
-[* icon_caution] ***Using water from a coffee machine is not recommended IF it can be avoided. It is better to warm up distilled water for this process.***
-[* icon_reminder] If a source like a coffee maker is used to get hot water, filter the water before use. On a Keurig coffee maker the easiest way to reduce deposits is to remove the coffee pod holder. It will not be perfectly clean, but it will not be anywhere near as dirty.
-[* black] To clean the printhead, you will need to use hot water. Before working on the printer, hot water should be collected. While cold water can be used, hot water is more likely to clear the dried ink.
+[* icon_caution] ***If possible, it is best to use heated distilled water. A coffer maker will work, but this isn't the best source for water.***
+[* icon_reminder] If your water is dirty, filter it as well as you can before using it to clean the printhead. On a Keurig, the deposits can be reduced by removing the coffee pod holder.
+[* black] Before working on removing the printhead from the printer, get some hot water ready.