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-[* black] Replace the printhead in the printer.
+[* black] Dry the printhead nozzles and electrical contact and replace the printhead in the printer.
[* black] Replace the ink cartridges in the printhead.
[* black] If the printer requires a USB or Ethernet cable connection, plug the appropriate cable into the printer.
[* black] Connect the printer to electric power. ***Do not do this until the print head is in place.***
-[* black] Turn on the printer.
+[* black] Turn on the printer, and let it clean the head if it decides to run this procedure.
[* black] Print a test page to determine whether the cleaning procedure worked. You may need to do a printhead initialization procedure, but following the bypass for this should prevent this.
[* icon_reminder] If you still have trouble with the ink being clogged, try printing a print quality report to unclog the printhead further.