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[title] Reinstall the printhead and ink
-[* icon_caution] ***DO NOT plug the printer back in until the printhead and ink cartridges are replaced. If you do not install the printhead before plugging the printer in, you will erase the calibration data.***
-[* icon_caution] ***Wait until the printhead is fully dry before reinstallation. A good general rule is to wait 4-6 hours unless you use other means to dry the printhead faster.***
+[* icon_caution] ***If the printer is plugged in without a printhead and ink installed, the calibration data will be erased!***
+[* icon_caution] ***If the printhead is not satisfactorily dry, do not touch the printer until you are satisfied it is fully dried out.***
[* icon_reminder] If your printer says ***Printhead Problem***, your calibration data is erased. The most common reason is incorrect printhead installation. Reinitialzation of these printers uses a lot of ink (~1/2 of the ink in Retail cartridges), so a new set of cartridges is recommended. ***Note: While used ink can be used, these printers frequently complain.***
[* black] Once you have let the printhead sit long enough to fully dry, reinstall the printhead. To do this, reverse the procedure used to remove it. Once the printhead is reinstalled, put the ink in next.
[* black] Once the printhead is installed, put the ink cartridges in the printer. Once this is done, plug the printer in. ***Note:*** Your printer run a ***Printhead Preparation*** purge, which cannot be stopped.