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[title] Reinstalling the printhead and ink
[* black] Once the head is wiped dry and has sat long enough to clear the water from the printhead, put the printhead back in the printer. ***Important: Do not plug the printer in until this is finished. Doing this wrong will erase the printhead calibration.***
[* black] Reinstall the printhead. To do this, reverse the way you removed it from the printer.
[* black] Put the ink cartridges back in the printer.
[* black] Plug the printer back in, and close the lid. The printer will run a cleaning once you do this, but you lose substantially less ink then you will lose if you were to reset the stored calibration.
-[* black] Run another print quality test. If your results are still terrible, run a cleaning cycle to get the ink flowing through the printhead. If this doesn't improve the quality, check the ink levels as this will affect your results.
[* icon_note] If you continue having problems with the quality, try replacing the ink cartridges. If this does not work, the printhead is beyond repair. A new printhead will cost ~$80 brand new, so they are not worth replacing. It may not hurt to try another head clean at this point to try and save it.
[* icon_reminder] If you get a message that says ***Printhead Problem***, you did not replace the printhead correctly. At this point you will want to buy a new set of ink cartridges, since you will lose ~2/4 of the ink on retail cartridges. It will also complain about the ink being used, if you use your old ink cartridges to do this, but it should accept them.