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-[title] Bypassing the first setup ink purge
-[* black] Disconnect the printer from electric power. Do this while the printer is on in this state to avoid the first use ink purge. Do not close the printer, but leave it exactly as found. ***Closing it will cause it to see there is no printhead, and it will end up purging ink as if it was new.***
+[title] Cleaning the printhead
+[* black] D
[* black] Place the printhead in the bowl and allow it to soak. Allow time for the water to dissolve ink deposits in the printhead. In some cases you may need to use some rubbing alcohol with the water if the clog is that bad.
[* icon_reminder] Periodically move the print head in the bowl to help dissolve ink deposits. Change water in the bowl as often as needed until it is clear, indicating the printhead is clean.
[* icon_caution] Dry the print head thoroughly before replacing it in the printer or you may damage the printer and/or the print head.