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[* black] You will need the following supplies:
[* black] Paper towels.
[* black] Water. You may want to experiment with tap water, distilled water, or bottled water to discover which seems to dissolve ink clogs the fastest. If your tap water has a lot of dissolved minerals in it, you may want to stay with distilled or bottled water to avoid affecting the print head with dissolved minerals. Heat the water up, too.
[* black] A bowl large enough to immerse the print head into.
[* black] Bags or ink cartridge packaging in which to temporarily store ink cartridges.
+[* black] Clogged printer(not pictured)
[* icon_note] You can also use disposable gloves if you want too. I don't have any handy, and I do not mind getting ink stains on my hands, but if you do it's best to use gloves.