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[* black] Fully assembled Nintendo Famicom console.
[* black] The Famicom was the first console to incorporate d-pad controllers to acquire user input. Departing from the era of joysticks, the inclusion of the d-pad allowed for quick and accurate controls.
[* black] The controllers are similar, but not the same...
[* black] Given the matching design of the controllers, it is important to note that there are subtle details that make each controller unique.
[* black] The first controller boasts the traditional layout: d-pad on the left, "select" and "start" buttons in the center, and "b" and "a" buttons on the right.
[* black] However, the second controller has a built-in microphone and a volume switch at the expense of the central "select" and "start" buttons... Cool!
[* black] This is the only console we know of that has a microphone on one of its standard controllers.