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-[* black] Hold "doc," "enter," and "EE" at the same time, then power the device on.
-[* red] Make sure battery is fully charged.
-[* black] Restart device by pressing restart.
-[* icon_caution] Alternatively boot device without battery and hook up to a power source while holding the reset buttons.
-[* icon_caution] After replace battery warning shows up, connect the battery and do the restart sets again.
+[title] Try the built-in recovery tools.
+[* black] Hold ***[doc]***, ***[enter]***, and ***[EE]*** at the same time.
+ [* red] Make sure battery is fully charged.
+ [* black] While still holding down the buttons, press the reset button located on the back of the calculator.
+ [* icon_note] If the calculator doesn't power on automatically, keep holding down the buttons, then press the ***[home] ***key (twice in a row if necessary).
+[* black] Alternatively, remove the battery, hold down the buttons, then connect the calculator to a power source.
+ [* black] After the 'replace battery' warning appears, connect the battery and try the button combinations again.