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[* black] iPad Mini Retina Display Repairability: 2 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).
[* green] The LCD and glass are not fused together and can be replaced independently.
[* green] The battery is not soldered to the logic board or other components.
[* yellow] Teeny-tiny screws can be easily misplaced if you're not careful. Don't sneeze too hard while taking them off.
[* red] Copious amounts of adhesive hold many components in place—front glass, battery, front camera, back camera, ribbon cables—making repair extremely difficult.
[* red] The Lightning connector is soldered to the logic board, so don't bend its pins.
[* red] Hidden screws mean you'll need to be very diligent when trying to remove internal components.
[* red] The home button's Touch ID cable is threaded through the display cables, complicating both opening procedure and home button cable replacement.

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