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[* black] Another great improvement of the iPhone 6 platform is the camera. Here’s the x-ray image of the top of the iPhone 6 showing both the FaceTime (right) and iSight (left) cameras. You can also see the flash LED has been beefed up quite a bit.
[* black] We also noticed a lot of voiding in the assembly of the flash LED. To learn more about what that means please visit LED assembly: how excessive voiding costs you money.
[* black] We also noticed the 2 MEMS microphones – one to the right of the iSight camera, the other to the left of the FaceTime camera. While the FaceTime microphone is likely used during conversation utilizing the FaceTime camera, the iSight microphone is used to reduce ambient noise from phone conversations.
[* black] By collecting the voice signal and the ambient noise, a signal-processing algorithm can be used to reduce noise from the data (a.k.a. voice) channel.

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