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-[* black] Motherboat
+[* black] We finally find what's inside the Moto 360's delicious filling—lots of chips:
+ [* red] TI [|TMS320C55|new_window=true] 45AZQW10 $4 44C5KTW GI Digital Signal Processor
+ [* orange] Micron 2SB28 [|D9QRM|new_window=true] 512 MB RAM with CPU layered underneath?
+ [* yellow] Toshiba JB0350 14209AE THGBMAG5 A1JBAIT 4 GB NAND flash memory
+ [* green] TI [|1211A1|new_window=true] 46W A1RK USB Transceiver Chip
+ [* blue] Atmel AT2314 [|MXT112S|new_window=true] MAUDZ SN02641 touchscreen controller
+ [* violet] TI [|AFE4490|new_window=true] front end for pulse oximeter