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[* black] We finally find what's inside the Moto 360's delicious filling—lots of ICs:
[* red] Texas Instruments [|TMS320C5545|new_window=true] Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor
[* orange] Micron Technology [link||MT46H128M32L2KQ-5 IT|new_window=true] (labeled as 2SB28 D9QRM) 4 Gb (512 MB) Mobile LPDDR
- [* icon_note] Layered underneath the Micron IC we found a Texas Instruments [link||X3630ACBP|new_window=true] (commonly referred to OMAP3630) OMAP 3 Applications Processor. ***This is the same processor found in the [link||Motorola Droid 2|new_window=true], a four year old smartphone, as well as the MOTOACTV, Motorola's first smartwatch released in 2011.***
[* yellow] Toshiba [link||THGBMAG5A1JBAIT|new_window=true] 4 GB e-MMC NAND Flash
[* green] Texas Instruments [|1211A1|new_window=true] USB 2.0 PHY Transceiver
[* blue] Atmel [|MXT112S|new_window=true] Capacitive Touchscreen Controller
[* violet] Texas Instruments [|AFE4490|new_window=true] Integrated Analog Front-End for Pulse Oximeters

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