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[* black] Let's play "Is it Magnetic?". The rules are pretty much self-explanatory.
[* black] Would you look at that, it's magnetic. We suspect that the charging coil's sticker backing works like a [|transformer core|new_window=true], made of up ferrous material that "serves to greatly reduce the magnetizing current and confine the flux to a path which closely couples the windings."
[* black] Tl;DR: we're thinking this sticker improves the inductive charging efficiency.
+[* black] It is highly unlikely that it is working as transformer core. Transformer core need to be wrapped by both primary (on charging stand) and the secondary (on the watch) to work effectively. As it plainly shows, neither is true.
+[* black] It is most likely a shielding for the main circuit board. When you are focusing a lot of energy through space, you cannot guarantee it will all end up on the receiver coil. Therefore you will need a shield to absorb any stay energy. Just think, if any wire just happen to be the perfect shape to receive energy, it will likely cook the circuit.