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-[* black] Sliding the eyewear out of the Infrared LED hood.
-[* black] Opening the LED hood to disconnect its LED network ribbon cable from the motherboard
-[* black] Fisheye lens shot of the crazy LED array. The plastic is supposedly permeable to IR light, so there aren'y any visible holes or gaps covered in films or anything. Science.
- [* black] I left the background in because cool, and also showing the fisheye distortion, let me know if I should make it all white?
+[* black] Next on the list is the eyewear enclosure. We simply slide it out the Infrared LED case.
+[* black] A first look at the inside of the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2.
+[* black] We take a peek at the LED array.
+[* icon_note] The plastic enclosure is permeable to IR light, why is why there aren't any visible screw holes or gaps covered in films or tape.