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[* black] Back side of the motherboard:
[* red] Qualcomm [|PM8941|new_window=true] power management IC
[* orange] Qualcomm [|WTR1625L|new_window=true] RF transceiver
[* yellow] DPR EAE99
[* green] 0V00680
[* blue] Skyworks [|SKY85702-11|new_window=true] 5 GHz WLAN Front-End Module
[* violet] Qualcomm [|WCN3680|new_window=true] 802.11ac combo Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM chip
[* icon_note] It should be noted that the WCN3680 chipset does [link||indeed|new_window=true] support Bluetooth LE 4.0. Amazon has promised to enable this option in the future. Until then, any BLE device is incompatible with the Fire Phone.