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[* black] With the mobo out, we caught a whole gaggle of ICs in the middle of a board meeting:
[* red] Samsung K4E8E304ED-EGCE 8 Gb (1 GB) LPDDR3 RAM (total of 4 * 1 GB = 4 GB) Two front, two back
[* orange] Atmel [|AT24C16|new_window=true] two-wire serial EEPROM
[* yellow] Marvell [|88W8897|new_window=true] WLAN + BT4.0 + NFC Combo Chip (with no NFC support on the device)
[* green] Q1C1832-B98BQIC1832-B98B
[* green] Q1C1832-B98BQIC1832-B98B
[* blue] Winbond [|25X20CL1G|new_window=true] 2M-Bit Serial Flash Memory
[* violet] Winbond [|25Q128FVPQ|new_window=true] 128M-Bit Serial Flash Memory