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[* black] Purchase a Color Wheel: I found a few different places that carried this replacement part. The cheapest by far was who carries it just over $100.
[* black] Requirements List Below
[* black] Philips screwdriver, not too small and at least 5 inches long. There’s one screw that’s a reach.
[* black] Tiny (jewler’s) screwdriver. You may not need this. I needed it to get a connector off.
[* black] Tweezers. I needed them to get to a few screws in tight places.
[* black] Compressed air. I didn’t have this, but I wish I did. It’s dusty in there.
[* black] Pen and paper. I took copious notes. If you do anything that I don’t talk about here, you should write it down. I carefully documented every cable that I unplugged and every part I removed. Thank God I did that.
[* black] 1-2 hours

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