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[* red] The Processor: 20Mhz Motorola 68030 model # MC68030RC20B
[* orange] The Onboard RAM: 1MB Soldered the the logic board.
[* green] RAM Slots: 4 30-Pin DIMMs installed in pairs.
[* blue] ROM SIMM Slot: If your computer doesn't have one if these (and it works) , it doesn't need one. If it has one, it needs it in order to boot.
[* violet] PDS Slot: For Attaching a riser card containing a math co-processor. A PDS card can then be plugged into the riser card. PDS - Processor Direct Slot
[* yellow] Power Supply Connector: for direct connection to the power supply.
[* black] "VSLI" chip: This machine's equivalent of a "Northbridge" It manages RAM, PDS, and the external ports.

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