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[* icon_caution] '''Do not''' touch the blue and pink leads above and below the four wires you are de-soldering, respectively, as both wires lead straight to the capacitor.
[* black] Carefully de-solder the black, grey, white, and orange leads (boxed in red) from the side of the circuit board near the AF lamp.
[* black] Lightly heat the joint of each lead with a soldering iron as you apply slight tension to the wire with a pair of tweezers.
[* icon_caution] Do not excessively heat the board. Also, be sure not to accidentally melt the plastic case with the side of the soldering iron.
[* icon_caution] '''Do not''' touch the pink lead below the four wires you are de-soldering, as this leads straight to the capacitor.
[* icon_note] Repeat the process until all four leads are de-soldered.