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[* green] Now all about the chips
[* orange] The first chip looks like a flash memory for the ROM, or the random memory for the OS, there are two of them; Labelled 921EA C HY5DU56 1622FTP-043 Made in Korea NWFM136SAG3
- [* blue] Now the CPU: 88FS - BEG1 G0X7261.1 0917 A2E 88F5182-A2 C500
+ [* blue] Marvell 88F8152-A2 "Feroceon(r)" Storage Networking SoC (System-on-Chip)
[* violet] A 12 to 24 bit multiplexed D-type latch marked 94CJNQK ALVCH162260 , see more there -->
[* red]
- [* yellow] cFeon EN29LV640B-90TIP 188H02A F912TDA
+ [* yellow] Eon SiliconSolution Inc EN29LV640B-90TIP 64Mbit Flash memory