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[* black] With your hand vacuum pump connected to the solid yellow line, with no stripes, you can continue. Go to your driver's door, which should be close at this time, and turn the key in the door the the unlock position. Pull a vacuum of 10 to 15Hg; all the doors on the car should unlock. Wait about 5 minutes to see if the unlock side of the system holds.
[* black] If you haven't already, remove your driver's side door panel. The door panel removal technique guide is available in the Mercedes W123 repair section. [guide|20198|Click here to read that guide.]
[* black] With your hand pump still connected to the solid yellow line, move the key in the driver's door to the locked position. Pump vacuum again at 10 to 15Hg. The doors should all lock. Leave this vacuum again for about 5 minutes. Make note of the result.
[* black] With your driver's door panel removed you can watch one of the actuators during this process. Pictured are the early style actuators. The first picture shows the door in the locked position while the second shows it unlocked.