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[* black] Place the pliers on the worksurface with the metal section of the magsafe between the jaws and the white plastic housing resting on the jaws.
[* black] Cut off the cable as close to the housing as possible.
[* black] Use a cross-head screwdriver to force the metal section of the magsafe out of the plastic housing
[* black] Gently prise apart the strain relief metal band around the remains of the cable and put it aside for later.
[* black] Cut down one side of the soft plastic inner and peel it away from the wires and circuit board. You are very unlikely to be able to re-use it so don't worry if it tears.
[* black] The image shows roughly what you should now have. The braid is soldered to two places (one on each site of the circuit board at opposite ends); the white core is soldered in just one.