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[title] A Quick Look at the Back of the PCB
[* black] On this side of the PCB you can see several more important objects.
[* black] In black you see the both AA connections.
[* black] The first button (yellow) is the button which is pressed when you screw lock the adapter plate back into the main unit when pairing or changing the batteries. It indicates to the device that it is mounted to a radiator.
[* black] The second button (teal) is the pairing button.
[* black] The RF antenna (red) already mentioned in the last step is connected to the CC110L IC (magenta), which is a [|sub-GHz transceiver].
[* black] In the last step on the other side of the PCB we saw a Bluetooth IC. On this side of the PCB we can also find the antenna for it (green).

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