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[* black] Looking ahead, you'll see the white motor with two 11mm mounting screws.
[* black] First pull the wire connector from the harness by pressing the harness clip, and gently pull the wire out. Now it is disconnected, and you can let it dangle. (Don't worry it won't run off)
[* black] Now you can use an 11mm socket attached to a ratchet to quickly unscrew the two screws. Once the screws are free, gently pull the motor out.
[* black] Replace with Motorcraft YH-1779 Motor Assy.
[* black] When installing the new motor, ensure the teeth on the spindle match up to the direction they are in on the connector. Don't worry about lining it up perfectly with the screw holes when installing it, as you can make the adjustment when it pops in.
[* black] Lastly, tighten down the two 11mm screws, but be careful not to crack the plastic by tightening them too tightly. Now connect the electric wire into the harness, and you can gently push both sides of the glovebox back in, and lift it back into place. Good job, no more grinding!

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