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[* black] For (some) data pack rats, the touch is becoming a viable option. There's now a 64 GB model, which according to Apple's calculations will give you 14,000 songs or 80 hours of video.
[* black] Retailing for $399 in the US, you'll be paying $6.23 per gigabyte for the 64 GB touch. That's no match for the $1.56 per gigabyte for the 160 GB iPod Classic.
[* black] Going back four years to Apple's first flash iPod, the original nano. The original nano was $62.25 per gigabyte, while the hard drive based 60 GB iPod Video of that era was $6.65 per gigabyte.
[* black] Interestingly, that means flash today is roughly equivalent to where hard drives were four years ago. In 2005, you could purchase a 60 GB iPod Video for $399, while today you can get a 64 GB iPod Touch for the same price.
[* icon_note] Don't read too much into these numbers, there's lots of other costs and components to the iPods other than the raw storage medium.