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[* black] Comparison time! With the introduction of the Mini, Apple now offers iDevices fit for any budget. Let's take a look at how they stack up.
[* black] From bottom to top:
[* black] [guide|8277|iPad (3rd Generation)]
[* black] [[Topic:iPad Mini|iPad Mini]]
[* black] [guide|10803|Slightly smaller iPad Mini—aka iPod Touch]
[* black] Apart from the difference in size, the Mini sports a couple other visible differences from previous iDevices.
[* black] The iPad Mini has not one, but '''two''' speaker grilles to pump out its mini beats. Don't let the [guide|10525|iPhone 5's dual grilles|stepid=38241] fool you; the Mini is the first handheld iDevice to house stereo speakers.
[* black] Smaller sizes come with a cost. As we've seen with all of the new fruity devices, this cost equates to a smaller, faster Lightning connector.