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[* black] Carefully pull the board to expose the two cables that connect to the back of the board.
[* red] Use pliers and tweezers to disconnect the ribbon cable by pulling it straight out of its socket and the data connector by holding its tab and pulling it straight back from the board.
[* icon_caution] Do not let the ribbon cable recede into the light engine.
[* black] Replacing the ribbon cable is the hardest step when you reassemble. You'll need to align the board with the bolt holes, and using fingers or tweezers line the ribbon with the slot (which you can't see) and push fairly hard to mate the connector. This cable goes to the color wheel. Be careful not to flip it upside down.
[* black] Tip: Plugging the holes with some painter's tape may make it harder for the wires to slip into the light engine once detached.