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[* icon_note] This photo is Figure 1.
[* black] Start by turning the computer to the backside and unscrewing the 10 bolts that are identified with red circles in Figure 1. (Use the 64 bit driver and the Phillips Head (PH 0) for all exterior screws).
[* black] Label a section on your magnetic project mat “BACK COVER SB (Short Bolts)” and place the 10 bolts in it.
[* black] Unscrew the 4 bolts identified with blue circles in Figure 1.
[* black] Label a different area of the magnetic mat “BACK COVER LB (Long Bolts)” and place the 4 bolts in it.
[* black] Use the blue Opening Tool to pry-open the back cover.
[* black] Insert another Opening Tool in the gap between the cover and PC
[* black] Slide it around the perimeter of the PC freeing the back cover and remove the back cover.

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