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[* black] Hold the motherboard by the corners and maneuver it out of its recess, being careful not to snag any cables.
[* icon_reminder] During reinstallation, be sure to route both antenna cables [|underneath the motherboard edges, and direct them through the cable notches|new_window=true].
[* icon_reminder] The fingerprint sensor connector can be tricky to reconnect during reinstallation.
[* black] [|Bend the fingerprint sensor cable slightly|new_window=true] so that it bows upward near the connector.
[* black] [|Stand the motherboard up|new_window=true] and position it such that the connector rests against the socket.
[* black] [|Use your finger to carefully align the connector and press it into the socket.|new_window=true] '''Do not use excessive force!''' If done correctly, the socket should hold the connector securely.
[* icon_note] If you are having a difficult time, [|follow this guide], which removes the fingerprint sensor from its indention before attaching it to the motherboard.

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