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[ ]Cracked Screen
[ ]Oneplus 3 Cracked Screen Replacement
[video|]Get LCD Screen with Digitizer replacement for OnePlus 3 at OnePlus 3 Screen Adhesive needed at The version of OnePlus 3 in the video is A3000. Please check your model before ordering. LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANY OTHER PARTS OR TOOLS OR IF THOSE LINKS STOP WORKING!! [ … ] This video shows you how to repair/replace the broken LCD Screen of OnePlus 3. Come here and know how to replace the shattered screen for your OnePlus 3. Why don’t you replace it by yourself according to this replacement tutorial? [ … ] Witrigs offers not only mobile repair tutorial including disassembly, assembly, and components replacement guide, but also phone accessories review video on YouTube. Publisher: Witrigs - Witrigs YouTube Channel - [ … ] If you are interested in DIY phone repair or latest phone accessories review, Subscribe Us on YouTube: Follow Us on Twitter: Add Us on Google+: Subscribe Us on Blog: [ … ] Fix screen of OnePlus 3 with the following situations: Touch display is broken,cracked& shattered; The touch screen is not working; The OnePlus 3 LCD Screen is black & unresponsive; Colored spots and lines keep showing on the LCD display; There is a yellow, orange or black spot in the same area of the touch screen; Rainbow pattern or color-blocks shows on some areas of LCD screen; The touch display is not sensitive enough to unlock your smart phone; This repair guide would tell you how to fix the broken touch display of the OnePlus 3. Note: It is difficult and complicated to separate LCD screen with back housing for OnePlus 3.Plz be careful. [ … ] We will upload other repair guide of OnePlus 3 as soon as possible. Tell us which part of OnePlus 3 you want to repair at comment section. [ … ] First,you need to teardown the components: [ … ] Tools needed: 1. T2 Torx screwdriver - 2. Phillips screwdriver - 3. Tweezers - 4. 2 Plastic opening tools - 5. Heat gun or hair dryer 6. Plastic cards [ … ] End,reassemble your device: [ … ] Any questions leaned on the comments, leave them down. Don’t forget to Like if this video helps you. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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[ ]To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
[ ]This video shows you how to repair/replace the broken LCD Screen of OnePlus 3.


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