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What to inspect and do when looking to resolve an electrical problem or take apart a controller to inspect and enhance it as well as fix other minor issues if they exist- what to look for!
I bought this bike for $80 Canadian and have to figure out issues which I believe I did quickly and now I am reassembling the bike (bought it with plastics taken off and controller removed but the person was wrong to consider replacing his good controller when it was only a wire shorting out even though everything looks new i found the shorted wire within 10 mins. These pics are not in sequence and are only a guide to things I do and why.
This will help you fix your bike and keep you going for years without spending a dime sometimes.
I am also posting these pics on the Endless Sphere website and hope to make YouTube videos soon.

YiuYou will need simple tools and very little know how-how. You’ll just need a bit of patience, and take your time doing research.

This is an ongoing mission, so check back for updates.

I'm only just beginning hethe project. These pics are from the last few hours.


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