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Cambiamenti ad BlackBerry Curve 8900 Case Replacement Introduzione

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[ ]BlackBerry Curve 8900
[ ]repair
[ ]Replacing the case.
[ ]Repairing BlackBerry Curve 8900 Replacing the case.
Your work area should be clean, lint-free, and with adequate lighting to visualize small print or parts. [ … ] 1. Remove the phone backing, this will give you a clear view of the Blackberry D-X1 battery. [ … ] 2. Remove the battery and set it aside. [ … ] 3. Using a small plastic pry tool or a fingernail, remove the lower portion on the back of the phone and set it aside. [ … ] 4. Once step 3 is done, all six screws will be visible. Remove all 6 screws and set aside. [ … ] 5. The back of the case will now lift free of the body of the phone. If this part of the case is broken, replace with a new one and reverse the steps to re-assemble. [ … ] If the front of the case needs to be replaced, continue on to follow the next steps. [ … ] 6. Along the sides of the body of the motherboard, there are small, black release tabs. Gently pry the tabs to separate the front of the case from the motherboard, going all the way around until the tabs are no longer connected allowing the front and back of the case to come apart. [ … ] The keypad and navigation ball may become loose and fall away from the motherboard, use caution so these items are not lost or damaged. [ … ] 7. Replace the front with the replacement case and reverse the steps to re-assemble the phone.
Time Required Min
20 minuti
Time Required Max
30 minuti
[ ]To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
[ ]If the Blackberry phone case is cracked or broken and needs to be replaced.

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