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Cambiamenti ad Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown Introduzione

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TheWith the first and second legs of the teardown ~~triathlon~~ trifecta complete, it is time to look at Apple Watch Series 2. Series 2 of Apple's foray into the realm of smart wristwear looks all-but-identical to the newly rechristened "Series 1". However, with added features such as built in GPS, waterproofing, and a variety of new bands and cases, we knew we had to take it for a ~~swim~~ spin on the teardown table.
It's time to ~~acai~~ see if this "ultimate device for a healthy life" has what it takes to ~~kale~~ kill its competition, or if it gets out~~run~~done by smarter watches and fitness trackers. That was enough of a warmup...let's dive in!
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