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You will need solder device in order to be able to replace the Press-to-speak button.
You will need a replacement button, a soldering device, and a Screwdriver(4mm) in order to replace the Press-to-speakbutton. You need to know how to solder.
Solder: a low-melting alloy, especially one based on lead and tin or (for higher temperatures) on brass or silver, used for joining less fusible metals.
Step 1: Flip the Walkie Talkie over so that the bottom is facing up.
* * There should be a red sticker that says "Kidzlane."
Step 2: Unscrew the 2 very top and 2 very bottom screws.(4mm Screwdriver)
** There should be four screws.
Step 3: Separate the two pieces. Then, unscrew the 3 screws on top of the green panel.
Step 4: Use the soldering device to take out the old button and replace it with the new one.
How to Solder:
Step 5: Reassemble device.
* Place the green panel inside the device.
* Screw in the 3 screws.
* Put the two pieces of the device together.
* Screw in the two top and two bottom screws.
To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Look at the pictures for more details. The pictures show what exact screw an areawhere there are screws needed work on,.
If following theThese steps accordingwill help you can successfullyto replace the Press-to- speak button. Following on the pictures will make you successfulKidzlane Walkie Talkie.


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