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[ ]HTC Evo 4G
[ ]installation
[ ]Increasing Battery Life (Requires Root)
[ ]HTC Evo 4G: Increasing Battery Life (Requires Root)
I Would like to create a definitive guide on how to get the maximum longevity from the HTC Evo. The guide will focus on both free and a little bit of non-free solutions. The goal here is to not have an Evo that shuts down in 5 hrs of not being plugged in. [ … ] One of the first things you notice about the HTC Evo is the giant screen, however the first thing you notice on all reviews is the shitty battery life the Evo has. However that can change. [ … ] The Evo suffers (in my opinion) from feature overload, and too much power for too little needs. This will drain battery. And Sprint does not help out when it comes to apps that you can't remove which keep the battery drainage to a maximum. At 50% power you will get 99% of your needs met... and well met (on Froyo 2.2). So why waste large amounts of energy on a powerful cpu that is mostly idle but killing battery? With these steps I managed to increase the battery life of my Evo about 70% compared to my wife who has not done this. And I definitely use my evo heavily. [ … ] Now to note, I don't use 4G since I live in New York, officially Sprint has not rolled out 4G coverage (yet) in New York. 4G kills battery life faster than any other Antenna. However later discussed will be tools to mitigate this.
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[ ]To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
[ ]A (hopefully) definitive guide to the HTC Evo and getting the maximum battery life without sacrificing... anything really. Maybe a few seconds a day of actually being power-conscious.


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