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Cambiamenti ad HP Photosmart Plus B210a Printhead Cleaning (Gentle) Introduzione

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If your HP B210a has a clogged printhead, this guide can be used to try and clear the clog.
There are no guarantees the printer will work again, but can be used to recover the printer when nothing else fixed it. While the success rate is very good, it does not work to fix the problem 100% of the time.
In some cases, this can damage a printhead that's already physically damaged. If your printhead has physical defects, it does not make sense to replace the printhead as it is often cheaper to buy a new printer.
== Guide Notes ==
* This guide is primarily made for the HP Photosmart Plus B210a, but is universal among all printers that use the 564 ink cartridge. '''IMPORTANT: Models with non removable printheads often require special attention to preserve the calibration and. These models may not prepare the printhead with non Setupwork again if this is lost and SETUP cartridges are expected.'''
* If I have not tested the printer you are having problems against my calibration preservation procedure, I do not guarantee that you will be able to preserve it. It generally doesn't hurt to try on models with removable printheads, but I can't guarantee it will work unless I have tested it personally.
== Printhead Bypass model list ==
'''Validated models (known to work)'''
* Photosmart C6380
* Photosmart Premium C309g
* Photosmart Plus B209a
* Photosmart Plus B210a
'''Permanent printhead'''