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Cambiamenti ad HP Photosmart Plus B210a Printhead Cleaning (Gentle) Introduzione

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If your HP B210a has a clogged printhead, this guide will '''potentially''' resolve the problem and get the printer working again without replacing it with materials you have at home. This guide is specifically geared towards the HP B210a and similar printers. '''With how HP 564 printers are designed you can take the steps from this model and carry it over to any HP 564 printer. It can be 4 or 5 color and it will be the same procedure, except the printhead initialization bypass in some cases. If you are trying this on a printer that does not match what was used, compare it to the guide and see if it's any different. If it isn't you are probably fine.''' Photo Black is not a major difference, so this is not an issue that will change how you remove the head. You are free to try the bypass but I have only validated it on the C309g and B210a at this point in time. I have not validated it on anything else, but it should work on most of them.
'''This method does notWILL NOT fix every printer with this problem. I did not intend it to, and I never will.''' Consider this a last ditch effort to avoid scrapping the printer if you can, otor an alternative to the firmware tool if you would rather not make the problem worse.
Some background on this printer I used: I got this printer from the trash, because I wanted something that was going to be extreme but also has the lowest chance of being non-fixable at the same time and a trashpicked printer fit the bill.. '''How you see it in the pictures is how it started(pretty much every single nozzle was clogged and it didn't have ink tanks) and how it ended(a usable printer for free).'''
I am still not going to say this is 100% effective, but it salvaged a trashpicked printer. It's your best option when all else fails.