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Is your HP Photosmart C309g's printhead clogged, producing streaky output or not printing a certain color? This guide will show you how to unclog the printhead on this printer.
Here is the one thing I would like to clear up now: The steps to clear the printhead I used here will work on all Inkjet printers, and even fully integrated cartridges but '''ANY AND ALL DISASSEMBLY STEPS GO TO THE HP PHOTOSMART SERIES WITH 564 INK!''' If you use this guide to clean a non HP printer or a HP printer that does not use 564/920 ink, you are going to have to adapt the disassembly level/head removal to your printer, which you can probably find out how to on YouTube, or tinkering with the printer. '''If you are stupid enough to use these steps to work on a NON HP printer, or one that doesn't use the 564/920 cartridge and break the machine, I don't want to hear it-it's on you.''' Got it? Good.
For HP ePrint enabled printer owners: The method for printhead removal should be the same on Web Connected 564 printers too, but double check the mechanism to be sure. The only other thing to note is older cartridges will not work on web connected printers-you '''must''' use updated cartridges since the programming on the chips is different and the firmware blocks out older cartridges. You actually can transfer the 564SETUP chips to bypass this, but you do this at the risk of the warranty, since you are technically modifying the ink cartridge if you have known good, previous generation HP ink. I should also warn chip transfer ''can be''' extremely difficult the first time it's attempted too, since the likelihood of busting the chip is high if you have never done it due to the sunk in design HP uses for these inks to prevent chip removal. Use cartridges you don't care about to practice.
Here is some more information on [|compatibility with newer printers] and [|identifying old generation ink cartridges] to refer to. If the cartridges do not match what HP says for the updated chipsto identify new generation cartridges, it will not work in the e-print printers.
Note on HP 920 printers: HP no longer makes printers with the 920 cartridge, but this guide will be useful to people with these printers who have them but don. The bypass for the printhead initialization doesn't assume the bypass proposed here will workapply to you guys, though. Also, as the author and being I wrote this back in 2010 and just started to clean this guide up''' Ido not have plans to source out don't want a HP 920 printeranytime soon '''either. If youwant guys can get one be my guest towrite a guide do one forthe 920 printers and beat me to getting one feel free to usethis ink series. And yes, thprinthead e removainstructions, since these printheads removel method should be the samebut, too. The only thing with this is don'uset reuse these pictur(ores. These are for the C309g. If you guys want to bypa) since this is not a HP 920 printer. The iFixit community willss the printhead setup on these, you'll have to fia bypass for 920 printers. I am not going to help,nd the method becausedon't want another printer floating around here I will I have use forno plans on getting one.
You can try and bypass the initialization of the printhead on a modern Web Connected printer, but I will not guarantee the outcome for these printers-. I only guarantee this method on the Photosmart c309g and '''some''' similarly aged printers with the 564 cartridge since I know it to work on printers from this era for sure-. HP's Web Connected printers may have protections in place to prevent this, even if bypassed correctly-you. You can certainly try, but it may not work since HP updates the firmware on these printers on a somewhat regular basis. The other problem is if you use the Web Apps on them, you will likely be forced to accept these updates. '''Also, be warned ifIf the ink purge bypass is not done EXACTLY as written, it will not work!'''
I would also like to mention as the original author this will '''not''' unclog every case of clogged printheads-if. If this doesn't work and the ink is confirmed good the printhead is damaged and you. You will need to replace the printhead. You can also use the printhead removal steps to replace the printhead.