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Cambiamenti ad Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Teardown Introduzione

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We've just gotten our hands on Microsoft's all-new Surface Pro 3. All-new in the sense that it's third in a trilogy of devices, where the second was actually just a rehashing of the original, but the third is showing some promise of striking out on its own. Good for you, Surface Pro 3! [ … ] Alternative names that Microsoft ''probably'' considered for the Surface Pro 3: [ … ] * Surface Pro: Return of the King * Surface Pro III: The Search for Spock * Sufrace Pro: With a Vengeance * Surface Pro and the Last Crusade * Surface Pro Revolutions [ … ] Surf over to our [|Facebook|new_window=true], [|Twitter|new_window=true], and [|Instagram|new_window=true] pages to stay up to date Pro-style.
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