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Cambiamenti ad Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK Speakers Replacement Introduzione

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This repair guide will show you how to replace the speakers in your Lenovo Yoga 900 13” computer (900-13ISK). The speakers control the inboard sound output for your computer, so if you are experiencing fuzzy sound, crackling noises, distorted audio, or no audio output at all, replacing the speakers should alleviate the problem.
The speakers are wired together as a single unit, and as such, cannot be replaced independently without rewiring one of the speakers. Also to note, the speaker cable runs through the right side daughterboard. This means if a speaker replacement has failed to solve your audio problems, a Right Daughterboard Replacement[guide|141268|right daughterboard replacement] may be necessary, especially if the audio issues occurred after water exposure to the left side of the computer.
A step-by-step repair guide that will show you how to replace the speakers in the Lenovo Yoga 900 13" 2-in-1 laptop computer (900-13ISK).