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Use this guide to replace a faulty or low memory RAM module in your Desktop PC case with a Masterbox Lite 5 Mid Tower Case using the MSI B360M BAZOOKA motherboard.
* Before using this guide, make sure to purchase the correct RAM module with the correct speeds. This information would be located on the motherboard’s website where specifications such as DDR3 or DDR4, speeds of anywhere from 800 MHz to 1600 MHz for DDR3 and 2400 MHz to 4400 MHz for DDR4 (
* To find where to get the correct RAM speed for your computer, please visit the website of your specific motherboard. In my case, I have the B360M BAZOOKA motherboard by MSI and it supports DDR4 Memory, up to 2666 MHz (
Wear an anti-shock wristband bracelet to ensure that you safely ground yourself before working on very sensitive electronic equipment. The wristband will help prevent the buildup of static electricity which could damage the motherboard.[br]
Not enough RAM? Let's Upgrade/Replace!
PC cannot handle multiple software or is it too slow? Upgrade the RAM.
How to replace or upgrade RAM in a Masterbox Lite 5.