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If your Dirt Devil Gator (Model Number: BD10100) isn’t powering on or remaining charged, you may need to replace the charger port. Follow this guide to replace the charger port on your device. [ … ] The charger port on the Dirt Devil Gator allows the device to have power and maintain charge. But a destroyed/malfunctioning charger port will not charge the device, resulting in a possible replacement needing to occur. [ … ] However before using this guide, you may not need to full replace the charger port! [[Dirt Devil Gator Troubleshooting#Section_Dead_Battery|A dead battery]] is a simple problem with a quick fix to get you started vacuuming again quickly! [ … ] Step 5 requires you to remove the charger port from the motor. From there you must [guide|750|desolder and cut wires|stepid=4049] to replace the old charger port with the new one. [ … ] Before beginning, make sure to power off your device completely and disconnect from any external power source.
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