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If your Dirt Devil Gator (Model Number: BD10100) isn’t starting or staying on for more than 15 seconds, you may need to replace the circuit board. Follow this guide to replace the circuit board to keep your Dirt Devil Gator in use! [ … ] The circuit board on the Dirt Devil Gator keeps the machine on and controls the power of the device. A damaged circuit board will not power on the device resulting in a possible replacement needing to occur. [ … ] However before using this guide, you may not need to full replace the circuit board, just charge your device! A [[Dirt Devil Gator Troubleshooting#Section_Dead_Battery|dead battery]] is a simple problem with the same side effects, and a quick fix to get you started vacuuming again quickly! [ … ] Step 6 requires you to remove the circuit board from the motor. From there, you must [guide|750|desolder and cut wires|stepid=4049] to replace the old circuit board with the new one. [ … ] Before beginning, make sure to power off your device completely and disconnect from any external power source.


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