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Cambiamenti ad HP Pavilion x360 14m-ba114dx Battery Replacement Introduzione

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This guide will help you replace the battery in your HP Pavilion x360 14m-ba114dx laptop. The battery is responsible for storing the power that runs the laptop. If your laptop battery will not charge or your laptop will not power on, there may be a problem with your laptop’s battery. Please visit [[HP Pavilion x360 14m-ba114dx Troubleshooting|this troubleshooting page]] for possible solutions to the problem. If none of these solutions work, use this guide to replace the battery.
If you notice once the laptop is open that the battery is swollen, remove it with caution. If swollen, do not charge the battery, keep the battery at a stable room temperature, and dispose of it properly at a recycling center. [|This] page will help you deal with a swollen battery.
Also, make sure that you unplug your device from any external power sources and completely power it off before beginning this replacement.
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25 minuti
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  • Phillips #0 Screwdriver x1 added.
  • Spudger x1 added.
  • iFixit Opening Tool x1 added.
  • iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6) x1 added.
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver: Size PH1 x1 added.