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Cambiamenti ad HP Pavilion G6-1d16dx Screen hinges Replacement Introduzione

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If your HP Pavilion G6-1d16dx won't close/open correctly, you could have a faulty screen hinge. This guide walks users through the process of accessing/replacing the screen hinges so that their computer will open and close correctly.
Before following this guide, check to see if there is anything external that may be inhibiting your screen from closing correctly, or if there is any sort of dust or debris buildup in the hinges of your computer; any buildup can typically be removed with an air duster.
No special skills are required other than screwing/unscrewing small nuts and screws.

Before beginning, be sure that your computer is fully turned off and unplugged from any power source.

'''''Note: Do not remove the motherboard screws in step 10 of this guide.'''''


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