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This guide will show you how to remove and replace the battery for your iRobot Roomba 630.
The battery for your Roomba can be found on the bottom side, between the two main wheels and the main brush.
It's a 12 NiMH, nickel-based battery that iRobot claims can run for up to 2 hours. Based on estimates, will last about 400 charges.
How you handle your battery will affect it's longevity, both in run-time and in time between replacements.
To increase longevity:
Clean brushes regularly to avoid buildup that makes the battery work harder to turn them.
Keep it charged and use it often
For the Roomba's nickel-based (not lithium ion like smartphones) batteries, keep the unit charging whenever you're not using it, but don't leave it in the dock for days at a time.
Exhaust the battery
Run the vacuum until the battery dies, then charge it to full.
Keep it cool
To increase the battery's longevity, store your Roomba in a cool, dry place. The unit should stay out of direct sunlight, where heat could damage the battery.


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